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General Servicing

Here at Goulburn Valley Automatic Transmission Service we pride ourselves on keeping your vehicle safe and reliable to drive. The way we are able to continue doing so is providing you with the complete servicing package. As the name explains we specialize in automatic transmissions but we also have the experienced and trained staff, tools and equipment to bring all of your servicing needs to one place. We now offer everything from the basic oil changes to major services and everything in the middle.

Every service performed at GV Auto receives a safety inspection, but that is not where our service ends. If we find anything that maybe broke, worn, or requiring replacement we can do so for you being it brakes suspension components to a complete engine overhaul we can look after your need.

For those of you that have NEW cars and are under a new car warranty we can perform your log book services as well. Being that we are VACC accredited we can perform the service, stamp and sign off in your log books and you get to keep your warranty, as the parts and lubricants we use meet manufactures specifications.